Practo Agent setup instructions

Practo Agent is a Java application that needs to be installed within the same local network where HIMS application is running. This application acts as a gateway for all communication happening between HIMS application and Practo platform. It provides the necessary reliability and security for all data transfers happening over an unreliable network between HIMS application and Practo services. Pre-requisites: a) OS: 1) Xenial 16.04 (LTS) 2) Trusty 14.04 (LTS) b) System: 1) Java 8 installed and JAVA_HOME set 2) Supervisor setup (v3.2 or higher) 3) Access to internet Instructions: 1. Download and extract from to temp directory 2. Create a directory that acts as the home location for Practo agent. Move to agent home location. 3. Move the contents of the extracted folder to the Practo agent home location. 1. Contents: practo-agent.jar,, filebeat.yml.sample,,, practo_agent.conf.sample, CA.cert.pem 4. Create a dedicated directory within agent home location where agent application will store its internal data. Assign write permissions for this directory to agent application. 5. Configure various properties within and save it as Importantly, configure with the path created in point 4) above. 6. Now from the practo agent home location created in 2) execute `bash` 1. It will check the dependent utilities (java8, supervisor) and if not installed will show the respective prompt and exit. 2. Updates the path in practo_agent.conf and places the file in '/etc/supervisor/conf.d/' 3. If all set then agent will be started and you will see `Practo-Agent is up and running.` in the output 7. Now execute `bash` 1. Will check for filebeat and install it if not available. 2. Update the path in filebeat config 3. If all set then logger service will be up and you will see `Filebeat service successfully started` in the output. 8. Agent logs can be accessed within logs directory that gets created within agent home location.